revenue eXtraction gateway
The only edge network head-end purpose-built for service providers to maximize revenue, minimize cost and easily scale.


The rXg is a special purpose device designed to meet the needs of the network operator, combining both capital and recurring cost effectiveness with an extraordinarily easy to use management console.

With dynamic traffic shaping, flexible content filtering, and behavior-based trigger mechanisms, you can exert total control over nearly every aspect of the end-user experience.


One box. One GUI. Completely unified. Everything talks to everything. The rXg enables operators to deploy configurations that were not imagined by the architects.

If you do need to integrate with external systems, the rXg employs a powerful event system which allows you to send webhooks to remote systems as a response to system events, or on a regular schedule.


Inspecting, recording, analyzing and understanding how end-users consume the available resources, as well as how they interact with the offered service levels, is a critically important aspect of operating a revenue generating network.

The rXg's powerful report, graph, and instrumentation system allows operators to quickly assess network behavior and comply with regulatory requirements.


“Putting in the rXg was the best thing that ever happened to the guest network. Overnight the situation went from tons of complaints and daily equipment reboots to zero problems.”

Erik Barnett, IT Manager at Peppermill Casino
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“RG Nets has been a tremendous company to work with and the rXg turn-key gateway fit into our network smoothly. The single-box appliance made installation and integration seamless and the rXg turn-key gateway is delivering all the services we had anticipated. More than 100,000 users per month use our platform. With our service now in-house, all traffic goes through the rXg turn-key gateway and everything has operated flawlessly.”

Lance Lyttle, CIO at Atlanta International Airport
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“The rXg turn-key gateway was not only the best bang for the buck solution it was the only viable one for our midrange position. It definitely has the widest and most useful range of features and at the lowest cost of deployment for a small to midsize provider.”

Adam Kroft, Telecommunication Manager at International Centre
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