What is the rXg?

The rXg is an all-in-one unified solution that provides everything needed to operate a profitable revenue generating network.

Admin Portal

The admin potal is the central interface for configuring the rXg. It comes equiped with a powerful permissions system for providing appropriate access for common roles, and allowing you to build and adjust roles to suit your environment.

Captive Portals

It's the gateway to your customers. By default, the rXg comes equiped with a feature-rich captive portal allowing customers to manage their own accounts, view graphs/reports on their usage, and switch usage plans.

The captive portal is written in Ruby on Rails, allowing you to fully customize the customer's experience.

Operator Portals

Operator Portals are designed to provide simplified admin-like functionality to front office managers, and other non-technical staff. Like captive portals, you can create and customize your own operator portals to fit your needs.


Unhackable at Black Hat 2017, the rXg provides a powerful conference tool to ease the scheduling and management of conference wifi networks.


Stateful Firewall

Intrusion detection/prevention, traffic filtering


Real-time graphs, node monitoring, resource consumption dashboards


Connection history, health logging

Core Services


Advanced Routing

Aggregation, failover, affinity, diversity

Web Experience Manipulation

Interstitial advertising, inline injection, arbitrary rewriting, caching

Seamless Billing

Credit card processing, single-use tokens, coupons, zero-cost services

Per-User Traffic Shaping

Rate limiting, rate guarantees, download quotas, packet prioritization

Deployment Examples

Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU)

ISP Distribution

Centralized rXg

Centralized Controller

Large Venue

Virtualized rXg