What is the rXg?

The rXg is an all-in-one unified solution that provides everything needed to operate a profitable revenue generating network.

The rXg: A Turn-Key Solution A single integrated network-provisioning appliance for cost-effective and scalable network deployments. All of the functions and features required in today’s revenue-generating policy-enforcement networks are bundled in one rXg device.
The rXg: Bare Metal or Virtual Machine Unlimited platform possibilities.
The rXg: Bare Metal or Virtual Machine Install on your choice of vendor hardware or virtualization platform.
Scaling the rXg
Symmetric Clustering
Each node is capable of operating as the control plane (management and database functions) as well as data plane. The controllers route end-user traffic to the Internet and also host a copy of the database for redundancy. Because each node requires large, high endurance SSDs, as well as enough CPU and RAM to operate as both the control plane and data plane, symmetric clustering is recommended for smaller deployments.
Scaling the rXg
Asymmetric Clustering
The Cluster Controller is responsible for hosting the database, managing cluster coordination, and proxying RADIUS requests to the nodes, but does not route end user traffic. The controller(s) require large high endurance SSDs, more CPU and more RAM than the data plane nodes. The data plane nodes are responsible for routing end user traffic, and require minimal SSD, CPU and RAM resources to manage their individual LAN segments.
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